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You can see what your baby would look like, or morph celebrities using our images. Its fun, free and no download in required.

3rd of September 2007

New Site Design and Features

You’re looking at the new design for MorphThing. I think it's a big improvement on the old design and I hope you agree!

We also have some new features, such as the rating system. You can now rate images using the stars on the image pages. I’ll use the ratings to make a page showing the top rated morphs, so be sure to vote!

If you have any comments, questions or problems about the changes to the site, leave them using the comments form below.

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jhoy (Ages ago)
i really enjoy this site
Toury McWhorter (Ages ago)
this site is off the chain real talk i use two superstars during this process in i look like both of them
tuti (Ages ago)
dis site sux balls
fsdf (Ages ago)
<a href= http://rock.geosociety.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=63
soup (Ages ago)
i think everyone is a bitch
add michael rosenbaum (Ages ago)
add michael rosenbaum (the bald guy,Lex,) from Smallville
Adam McGee (Ages ago)
I believe this site is very very good and has alot going for itself, a recommendation I feel will make this site even better, is if there is the opportunity to morph not just one image with a celeb image, but if you were able to morph to of your own images together, such as people who would like to see, perhaps, what a possible offspring would look like. I have asked many persons about this and they all thoroughly agree that it would be awesome and in turn more people would use the site.
Shantel (Ages ago)
whats going on. lovin life
Ksenia (Ages ago)
I love it!!! Thanks!!!!!!
Would you add Vivien Leigh. She is beautiful actress.
Thanks a lot!
ShallSuggestAgain (Ages ago)
It would be neat that in addition to morphing celebs together you could actually build off a certain person. For instance take Liv Tyler's hair, Jessica Alba's eyes, Estella Warren's lips and combine that way. I have noticed ocassionaly that I like the deep eyes of someone but the mouth of someone else, when morphed together I don't get the result I'm looking for.

Still your site is great for the most part (with the exception that their still aren't enough celebs).Keep updating your list. Good work!
ShallSuggest (Ages ago)
Definitely you need more categories i would even go as far as blonde brunette redhead etc. blue eyes brown eyes, it would also be cool if you could change peoples eye colors by selecting a celeb and then selecting green eyes. Also you should add more people on a daily basis. At least one new celeb per day, and the celebs that get added sooner should be the ones that people request the most.
DeeGee (Ages ago)
I would really like to see a catagory added for "Male" and "Female" in the "Category" section.
Hero_Fan (Ages ago)
Get all of the x-men. Also get brandon routh and christian bale! who doesn't want to see what superman and batman's love child would look like!
MOI (Ages ago)
PLEASE add James Franco and Harrison Ford and Justin Hartley!
kerry (Ages ago)
awesome! Hey try this one: alicia keys angelina jolie.
Lois (Ages ago)
Just wondering... How often do you update your list of celebrities? I would love to see James Franco on the site. Also I think you should get Justin Hartley he is such a Hottie!
Ann (Ages ago)
I really like your site, but you need more brunettes! And more HOT guys!
SACY (Ages ago)


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