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Famous Couple Morphs: Do They Make You Go Gaga... Or Just Plain Gag?

We the celebrity obsessed general public just can’t seem to get enough of famous couples. Even long after some couples break up, their adoring fans go on wondering what could have been. It’s hard to let go of the Bennifers, both Brad and Ben and their respective ex Jens, but here on MorphThing you can keep dreaming (or cringing) about your favorite couples, past and (Continue Reading...)

21st of April 2008

Top Rated Celebrity Morphs

The users of MorphThing have voted, and now it’s time to see the results. Which celebrity morphs are rated highest, and do you agree? Read on to find (Continue Reading...)

31st of October 2007

Morphing Classic Actresses and Modern Celebrities

The classical age of cinema, from the 1930s to the late 1960s, is considered the most glamorous era in Hollywood's history. Famous actress encompassed style, elegance and beauty, and would never allow themselves to be seen at anything but their best. As film-maker Cecil B. de Mille put it, “Remember you're a star. Never go across the alley even to dump garbage unless you are dressed to the (Continue Reading...)

7th of June 2007