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How to Make Your Own Baby!

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own baby using (Continue Reading...)

5th of May 2011

MorphThing is on Twitter!

Follow MorphThing on Twitter to get instant updates on new faces and features.

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13th of July 2009

What Will My Baby Look Like

Ever wondered what your baby would look (Continue Reading...)

4th of June 2009

New Facebook App

We’ve created a MorphThing app for Facebook! Check it out here.

It’s still in development, so if you have any problems or suggestions let me know by leaving a comment.

27th of May 2009

Become a Facebook Fan!

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22nd of January 2009

New MorphThing Design

As you can see, we have a brand new MorphThing design! What do you think?

Stay tuned for more new features coming up in 2009!

Edit: If you have any problems please give as much information as you can so we can fix them

31st of December 2008

Famous Couple Morphs: Do They Make You Go Gaga... Or Just Plain Gag?

We the celebrity obsessed general public just can’t seem to get enough of famous couples. Even long after some couples break up, their adoring fans go on wondering what could have been. It’s hard to let go of the Bennifers, both Brad and Ben and their respective ex Jens, but here on MorphThing you can keep dreaming (or cringing) about your favorite couples, past and (Continue Reading...)

21st of April 2008

Six New Images to Morph!

Here are five new images to morph, submitted by users: Melissa George, David Duchovny, Anne Lindfjeld, Amy Winehouse and (Continue Reading...)

5th of March 2008

Five New Images to Morph

Here are five new images to morph, submitted by (Continue Reading...)

19th of February 2008

12 New Images to Morph

Here are twelve new images submitted by MorphThing users. Have fun, and thanks to everyone who submitted (Continue Reading...)

5th of February 2008

Your Suggestions Please!

Do you have any suggestions for MorphThing? What would improve the site? What new features would you like to see? Leave a comment!

22nd of January 2008

24 New Images to Morph

Here are 24 new images for you to morph, submitted by MorphThing (Continue Reading...)

8th of January 2008

Top Rated Celebrity Morphs

The users of MorphThing have voted, and now it’s time to see the results. Which celebrity morphs are rated highest, and do you agree? Read on to find (Continue Reading...)

31st of October 2007

Posting to MySpace, Facebook, and Other Sites is Fixed

Some users reported that the automatic post functions weren't working. I've fixed them now, so you can easily include morphs in your social networking profiles. If they still aren't working for you, press CTRL and F5 together to make sure you have the latest versions of the site.

28th of October 2007

Make Your Own Andy Warhol Style Pop Art

I've just finished making a new feature for MorphThing. Now you can make your own Andy Warhol style pop art images using the pictures on our site, or ones that you've uploaded! Here is an example, featuring Yoda: (Continue Reading...)

12th of October 2007

Submit Your Own Celebrity Images

You can now submit your own celebrity images to be displayed on the Start Morphing page! Once you have uploaded and prepared an image, click on the 'Submit Celebrity' link that is located next to your picture on the My Images page. If it is good enough, it'll appear on the site!

2nd of October 2007

For All Users With Login Problems...

If you are having problems logging in to MorphThing, please leave a comment below with the name and version of your web browser. If you have cookies disabled, add that to your post too. Thanks!

24th of September 2007

New Site Design and Features

You’re looking at the new design for MorphThing. I think it's a big improvement on the old design and I hope you agree!

We also have some new features, such as the rating system. You can now rate images using the stars on the image pages. I’ll use the ratings to make a page showing the top rated morphs, so be sure to vote!

If you have any comments, questions or problems about the changes to the site, leave them using the comments form below.

3rd of September 2007

More Problems Fixed

Today you created a million unique morphs on the site (yeh!). However, our system couldn't handle it and so we had a few problems when creating morphs. The problem has been fixed, and the site should be working as before. If you have any questions or problems, post a comment and I'll try and fix it for you!

2nd of September 2007

Uploading Fixed

Some users were reporting that their images weren't uploading correctly. This problem should now be fixed. If you're having any other problems with the site, please leave a comment to this post and I'll fix them for you.

31st of August 2007

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