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You can see what your baby would look like, or morph celebrities using our images. Its fun, free and no download in required.

2nd of September 2007

More Problems Fixed

Today you created a million unique morphs on the site (yeh!). However, our system couldn't handle it and so we had a few problems when creating morphs. The problem has been fixed, and the site should be working as before. If you have any questions or problems, post a comment and I'll try and fix it for you!

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Katie (5 months ago)
It won't let me prepare any images - it just says please wait and nothing happens
cherry (7 months ago)
im with Aleteha.
lesie (8 months ago)
im trying to prepare my pic and it says please wait but doesn't do anything else like it stopped working.
Carla (9 months ago)
It won't let me prepare my images, it say please wait and nothing happens
Peyton (10 months ago)
I have the same problem Lee has.
Aleteha (A year ago)
I am still getting the please wait error
Sen (A year ago)
I dont see step 2
Lee (A year ago)
After placing the green dots to prepare my images, it says "please wait", nothing happens and it won't proceed forward!
Evelyn (A year ago)
I tried finding out how my baby would look but after the first step once again, it says wait and it keeps me waiting for hours. if yal aint gunna fix this problem that has been going on for months , then shut the site down already.
Ben (A year ago)
It works but the photo comes out with 4 eyes and its blurry not unless my baby came out deformed when it was born lol
Longtime user (A year ago)
Has this site been abandoned?
Marie (A year ago)
I'm having trouble preparing my images. It takes a really long time after I ave placed the green dots to load. Just says "please wait" and nothing happens.
kinda frustrated (A year ago)
I am also having problems with step after the dots on the face. Won't finish, just says PLEASE WAIT. PLEASE FIX THIS!
Gao (A year ago)
Every time I try to morph, after finishing putting the dots on the face, it just remains at "PLEASE WAIT." Why is it doing that?! Please fix! I want to morph to get a baby photo of me and my husband.
Mal (A year ago)
It won't let me prepare any images. It freezes after I attempt to complete step 1. Please fix!
Laura (A year ago)
I've been using this website for a really long time, but now all of a sudden it won't let me prepare my own images. I'll mark the top, bottom, left, and right of the head, but then when I click "finish" the site will say "please wait..." and then keep me waiting forever!!
slim shady (A year ago)
when uploading my own images, i have to click on the top of the face, bottom of the face, left of the face, and right of the face, and then click finish. but after that it just says "please wait.." and takes literally forever. it just stays there and its really frustrating because i cant upload my own images. fix this please, i hate it.
eve (A year ago)
i made my acc on my phone and it didnt let me edit the images there so i tried the comp. but it wont let me login from there!
julie (A year ago)
It won't let me prepare my images, I'll go and add thee little green dot on the top, bottom, left, and right side of my face but when I try to hit finish the image won't continue. It's frustrating… what's going on ………..
nikki (A year ago)
this is horrible. i've been using this site for six years and now it won't work. it won't let me prepare images. i see others having a similar problem. UGH.
viv (A year ago)
what happens to the site?
why isnt working? D:
Ingrid (A year ago)
I can't log in and after I prepare the pics it won't work! The celebrities morph is working though
Alayna (A year ago)
I also can't login at all the site is broken! I really love this site. Could you please fix it?
allison (A year ago)
After placing the cropping dots and pressing finish nothing happened. please fix
Lance (A year ago)
I can't sign in. When I upload something I'm suddenly signed in but I can't see my images. Plus as soon as I end the session and comeback all uploads are gone and it's prompting me to sign in again! What's going on with this site?
Jean (A year ago)
I can't log in at all. When I try to click on the Log in link at the top of the page, it goes to a new page that is almost completely blank white with just the words "log in" in the top left corner and a portion of a pink button underneath it. But there's nothing to type in my log in info and nothing that seems to be a link. I've tried a few times to wait for a while in case the page just needs to load, but nothing happens.
Leila (A year ago)
After uploading a picture and placing the dots in the appropriate locations, I get nothing after clicking "Finish" Could you please fix this? I've lost faith in your website, at this point, because I've tried for the past two weeks and there is still nothing.
Chan hu (A year ago)
I can't login or log out well since this deal with preparing images. It doesn't load!!
Anonymous (A year ago)
Listen, I know you guys have a lot to do, but could you please fix the morph? I've been trying this for three days just to morph a face. It's really starting to annoy me that whenever I get done placing the dots, I get a "Please Wait" and no loading icon
Robin (A year ago)
It will let me upload a photo and define the face but it wont do anything else
Ashi (A year ago)
I use this site a lot to help me design faces for my characters and it was such a huge asset to me. Now I also keep getting stuck at the "please wait" point after placing the dots on pics I upload. Please, please fix it!
Juli (A year ago)
Mine gets stuck after I place the dots...keeps saying "please wait" but nothing ever happens after that...still waiting...please help!!
denny (A year ago)
ihave a problem with prepared images
Emily (A year ago)
It wont allow me to prepare any images
hieraticmaster (A year ago)
when i try to get my first picture .it take forver to finish croping the face
Tiffany (A year ago)
Site isn't uploading photos.....wtf!!!!!!
Ellie (A year ago)
Piece of shit it doesn't work you fake bitches. get this site together >:(
Domenica (A year ago)
len (Two years ago)
im able to upload pictures, but then i cant get past step 1 in the preparation process. it just keeps loading and getting nothing done. i've used morphthing before and it used to load in a few seconds but now its not working.
Kiki (Two years ago)
I was uploading my pic then i was trying to crop it it told me to click on her head to make a green dot and its not working. can you help me?
Jud (Two years ago)
None of the links work on a forum I'm trying to embed my image on. I just get 'user posted image' where the image should be.
jenny (Two years ago)
Yeah, I have the same problem too this site has to be fix right...please. ):
Dani (Ages ago)
So it says that the image should be ready in 3 seconds but those three seconds never end and when they do end and it tells me to click and see the image it doesnt work!! PLEASE FIX THIS
jj (Ages ago)
doesn't work for me either
Mecca (Ages ago)
Yes this is stupid it use to work good now it's bs
debs (Ages ago)
whenever i try to morph the baby it says click to see your image but it never appears
kat (Ages ago)
this is bullshit, tried different photos, doesn't work
whitney (Ages ago)
7 months pregnant and super sad this wont work.
Sam (Ages ago)
So much for fixing it, brother-man...
AutumnIvy (Ages ago)
Every time i use the baby maker it says click here to see your image but then it just refreshes the page. Very sad :( I've heard good things about this site was hoping you could get it fixed soon
trish (Ages ago)
ive tried to use this site the past 4 days and it still wont work at all :(
Miriam (Ages ago)
*sad* doesn't work at all :(
Joe Buck (Ages ago)
The baby maker isn't working. Please get this fixed. I'm trying to decide who I should impregnate to have a cuter child. My main bitch or side hoe. Thank you.
Moran (Ages ago)
Doesn't work the stupid seconds keep on going
Nikki (Ages ago)
Been trying to morph. Still not working! It says click here to view image but it wont open? Please fix!
Kelsey (Ages ago)
how do i delete a photo i uploaded from my computer?
erin (Ages ago)
I used this site 3 weeks ago and it did not work, now I have tried again hmm guess what lol still not working. 321,321,321... Please fix it :)
cassie (Ages ago)
Doesn't work, I've tried for two days now
JC (Ages ago)
PLEASE FIX THIS. It isn't working at all :(
Elizabeth (Ages ago)
Doesnt work for me either
Tom (Ages ago)
It's not working!
Athena (Ages ago)
I'm really disappointed with this issue...I keep trying to do it, even on other browsers, no luck. Please fix this.
LB (Ages ago)
The problem is not fixed. Every time I click to see the morphed image it just refreshes the page. So frustrating. I left my computer on for over two hours and a morphed image still never appeared. I'm very disappointed.
yt (Ages ago)
can't see the image when i click here to see your image
Lana (Ages ago)
Ive been having the same problem, when it says 'click here to see your image' it just loops, no morph baby pops up. really disappointed. I've been trying for a week now, i've tried all different browsers.
TDG (Ages ago)
when I try to morph a baby it gets all the way to "click here to see your image" then jut keeps going back to that message. where are my morphs?
Leslie (Ages ago)
When I click morph baby it comes up with 'click here to see your image' and when I click it it just refreshes the page and does nothing!
Anonymous (Ages ago)
Argh, super frustrating, it's counting down from 3 and when it gets to one it just starts again, left it for half an hour and it's still not doing anything!
melissa (Ages ago)
Baby morph doesn't work with my uploaded photos; the celebrity one does but when I try it either says. 3 2 1 and then goes back to 3 2 1 or it says click to see image and then refreshes and goes back to click to see image... Its been like this for ages- fix it is very frustrating.....
Anonimous (Ages ago)
I have the same problem It morph the famous images but not the ones I uploaded. Please fix it.
Michele (Ages ago)
Baby morphing does NOT work when I use uploaded photos of me and my husband. It does work when I do celebrities but I don't care about that. Please fix it!
Alice (Ages ago)
Baby Maker isnt working, it says its loading but isn't :(
Natalie (Ages ago)
I've been on the "I'm morphing your image for you!" Screen for ever and nothing is showing up. Where's my morph!
Stephanie (Ages ago)
The baby morph is not working it just keeps refreshing the page!
Rachel (Ages ago)
Every time I get to the count down it says I can click to view the image and it never produces for me! What am I doing wrong?! Does this still work?
Kk (Ages ago)
This isnt working .-.
trisha (Ages ago)
Not working I want to try baby morphing but it does NOT work!
Amber (Ages ago)
When I click see image for baby maker it refreshes the page
annie (Ages ago)
The make a baby images wont load nor show the picture
cs (Ages ago)
yes babymaker isnt working
Kaitlin (Ages ago)
When i click here to see your image (for what the baby will look like) it just refreshes the page
cb (Ages ago)
I don't know who else noticed this, but the names of Rose Byrne and Debra Messing are switched under their pictures. I know this is an old thread, but the mistake annoys me.
재민 (Ages ago)
I prepared so many pictures and they've all been deleted somehow! Is there any way to get them back?
me (Ages ago)
how do i delete images?
Aileen (Ages ago)
Every time I try to prepare a picture, it takes too long to go to a next step. Sometimes, it doesn't even bother...
ziggystarfox (Ages ago)
I prepared and morphed hundreds of pictures, and they're all gone. I didn't delete them. What happened?
Me (Ages ago)
UGHHHHHHHH where the hell is the prepare link? And when I upload pictures where do they go? This is annoying
Victor (Ages ago)
Takes forever to morph
taylor (Ages ago)
My image of my babies worked the first three times and now they keep comming out all blurry and swirly looking. Cant even tell its a person most of the time.
hellothere (Ages ago)
I am so mad!!!! D:< I had a ton of prepared images but then randomly the all got deleted! I did nothing it happened on its own! I'm very upset at you peopla at morphthing
Suki (Ages ago)
can't process my photos
StrawberryCrush (Ages ago)
The counter keeps repeating itself and won't morph my image.
jill (Ages ago)
morphed image not loading. it counts down, i click on see image, and it counts down again
One And Only (Ages ago)
How can i delete my account?
unknown (Ages ago)
y cant i delete the pictures i uploaded to morphthing.com
vaneza (Ages ago)
how do i take this picture to save my file?
haley (Ages ago)
wheres the prepare link
jaja (Ages ago)
i upload a photo but then it doesnt come up on the my images page to prepare them! im soooooo frustrated !
james crowley maximus mer (Ages ago)
I still can't upload any images i thought morphthing has sorted out this problem but they haven't when will they sort the problem out
L (Ages ago)
can't ii make my boyfriend and mine's baby?
Brittany (Ages ago)
For all of you that are having this baby morph problem where it going to 1 then goes back to 3 over and over again, I found out that if you wait a few minutes and go to "my images" you will see your baby. You can click on the photo too.
holly (Ages ago)
it wont let me log in
jess (Ages ago)
dave (Ages ago)
counter is set on 3 2 1 and repeat. GREAT WEBSITE NOT
Sam (Ages ago)
the baby morph doesn't work. it counts down to zero, then goes back up to 3 and counts down, over and over! REALLY ANNOYING!
Steve. (Ages ago)
How come my uploaded image to uploaded image won't work? It counts down and the restarts from 3 down and so on.
xatia (Ages ago)
magariaaaaaaa.its good

jpt (Ages ago)
it just doesn't show my uploaded photo for further processing at all..no matter how many times i redo it.....dis site sucks bit time.....
lisa (Ages ago)
i'm stuck on an infinite "it will be ready" loop that just feeds ads to me and makes me redo the points over and over. HELL>
Aşk Büyüsü (Ages ago)
my images wont upload, they keep saying there is an error, but i followed all the rules.
<a href="http://www.medyumburak.com" title="medyum" target="_blank">Medyum</a>
Martha Sabrina Kampe (Ages ago)
Why does some of the pictures not show up? It says something about an incorrect URL on your website. Thank you.
Sadie (Ages ago)
my images wont upload, they keep saying there is an error, but i followed all the rules.
Jenn (Ages ago)
The baby morph doesn't work as Mar said... it never shows the picture after you click "click to see your image" and starts recounting again. really annoying!
Mar (Ages ago)
It isnt working again. The pic never shows. It keeps counting down forever and re-counts.
angel (Ages ago)
Hi, I cant make a pop art, because i cant find the link?? please help!
Chantal (Ages ago)
Why can't a make a morph child?
Yle (Ages ago)
Noooo!Non mi fa modificare i bambini!!!
Maria Rita (Ages ago)
I can't see the images I morphed!
Person Who Is Mad Because (Ages ago)
All those 75 images were submitted too, but have I seen one on the Morph Now page? No! This site hasn't put ANY new images on the Morph Now page for over 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person Who Is Mad Because (Ages ago)
One day, while I was minding my own business, i signed into morphthing just to find out that all my pictures were deleted!!!!!!! And I had over 75 images, all prepared, renamed, and sent in!!!!!!!!
videoman (Ages ago)
I've got a problem!
My images I've uploaded were all deleted!
daniela (Ages ago)
quisiera si no se puede cambiar el idioma a espaol okaz
Joe Jonas is so sexy (Ages ago)
ik i dont really like it it fuckin sux
gentlehrt (Ages ago)
i am not bale to prepare my images ... pls help
anon (Ages ago)
what's wrong with this fucking site it keep's dropping
hi hotty! (Ages ago)
when i morph men there are shadows in the pictures
Borat G (Ages ago)
Thanks, now I can see what my unborn child will look like
Roopert (Ages ago)
Wow a million! That is off the h00k!


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